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Funding for Start-Up Companies

Let’s face it, starting a business is tough. You have to build a client base, hire employees, and find office space, to name a few. There are plenty of challenges, but the one that many entrepreneurs find most daunting is raising start-up capital. Finding and securing start-up capital requires careful research, good negotiating skills, and above all, an unflagging commitment to launching your new business. VentureScope™ specializes in this unique challenge – we find the right money for the right business, with fees for this service only charged if funding is secured.

A business idea stands very little chance of being funded if it is not presented in the correct manner. It must be honed to the respective audience – tailored to the specific type of investor from whom you're seeking funds. This is where your company’s image, vision and branding are paramount. VentureScope™ can develop these intangibles for your business, and will sit side-by-side with you at investor presentations to make sure your presentation is a success.

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