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Financial Modeling and Projections

Another important step in the start-up process is determining a sustainable, defensible valuation, preparing a term sheet and reconciling the financials. Lacking these items often results in misaligned financial resources. It also signals a deficiency of polish and sophistication to investors who are themselves, inherently sophisticated. VentureScope™ crafts a fair valuation that is beneficial to the start-up and incoming investors alike. Further, we refine the financials to present a compelling and accurate financial landscape.

VentureScope’s™ step-by-step process first assists you in developing and analyzing the financial and business assumptions behind each of your major income and expense categories, including revenue streams, cost of sales, sales and marketing, management and staffing, and overhead expenses. We then assist you in finalizing your balance sheet and cash flow assumptions including key items that directly affect cash flow such as capital expenditures, accounts receivable and accounts payable. We utilize these assumptions to generate financial projections that clearly and powerfully portray what you consider to be the most likely scenario for the financial future of your business.

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