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Turnaround Consulting

Most people assume that the skills needed to start a company are the same skills needed to turn around a floundering company – this is not completely true. In addition to patience, experience, and vision, turnaround projects require an unbiased and brutal assessment, the ability to accept constructive criticism, and the willingness to take calculated risks and spur new ideas that reinvigorate the company.

For start-ups that are underperforming, VentureScope™ specializes in turnaround strategies and will help you implement them. We uniquely blend the qualities of conventional business wisdom with proven cutting-edge strategies to effectively create a common sense, process-driven, disciplined company ready to face current and future challenges and gain investors’ trust. Using our proven 10-step process, our consultants work closely with you to decrease costs, restructure financials, and redefine strategic business objectives.

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