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Business Plan Development

As most experienced entrepreneurs can attest, preparing a business plan is time consuming, can be overwhelming, and often becomes a project that needs to get done but never seems to get started.

VentureScope™ will work with you to prepare a compelling business plan for your intended audience – whether a bank for an SBA loan, an angel investor, a Venture Capital firm, or purely for your own use as a plan to execute against. We leverage our experience with start-up and early stage clients to not only ensure you have the plan you need, but also to provide strategic and financial insights and advice that add value to your business. If necessary, VentureScope™ can tap into our network of financial, legal, sales/marketing, technology and industry experts to assist in the business planning process. The end result is a business plan that clearly and concisely outlines your strategic objectives and prepares you to raise growth capital and launch your venture.

If you already have a business plan, whether you wrote it or hired someone else to write it, VentureScope™ can review your business plan and provide insightful and candid suggestions on how it can be improved. VentureScope™ can conduct a thorough and professional cover-to-cover review of your business plan as if we were investors or possible partners to improve its organization, presentation, content, and appeal. If your business plan has any weaknesses, we will find them and provide specific recommendations for improvement. We will make sure your business plan stands up to the scrutiny of even the most savvy of potential investors.

To learn more about how VentureScope™ can help your business, please contact us.