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SMB Strategy & Consulting

VentureScope™ works with SMBs to develop and refine their business strategies based on a rigorous assessment of the company, its resources, its competitors, and the market. Applying thoughtful analysis and perspective, we define how SMBs can position themselves in competitive markets to maximize their performance and profitability to the greatest possible extent. Our technical skills and understanding of trends and market drivers enable us to identify the potential value of different growth strategies. Our consultants’ depth of experience and expertise clarifies our clients’ challenges and gives them the insight and direction needed so they can make more informed decisions.

  • Business Strategy: we help SMBs develop and refine their strategies by conducting a comprehensive analysis and developing strategic plans that improve operations and overall performance.

  • Organizational Strategy: our strategies help SMBs maintain an organizational balance that ensures that divisions are aligned with the overall corporate strategy and position each of their business units.

  • Market Analysis: we conduct detailed research, analysis, and modeling to understand the drivers and dynamics of your target market and the players in it.

  • Cost-Benefit Evaluations: our evaluations compare various strategy scenarios to determine the best option for maximizing value creation.

  • Investment Assessments: primary research, fact-based analysis, and quantitative modeling to assess the value creation potential of investment opportunities, as well as identification of any factors that can maximize the return on their investments.
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