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Young companies often undercut profits by not distinguishing between good and bad opportunities, chasing after fruitless markets, and wasting resources on inefficient and costly activities. In fact, more than half of new businesses fail within four years of launch, with a lack of additional funding as the top culprit. Contrary to common misconceptions, undercapitalization does not mean that the business idea is not sound. Rather, running out of money is more often the result of failure to plan, direct and budget your business sufficiently.

Like any great idea, executing and maximizing a business’ potential requires dedicated resources to architect the proper foundation and plot the correct course for your company. VentureScope ™ is an affordable and experienced partner for start-ups and small to mid-sized companies. We work side-by-side with you to focus your business in a direction that will realize and exceed your goals by:

* Identifying and assessing your most attractive markets and projects
* Tailoring precise strategies to seize profitable opportunities
* Crafting point-by-point actionable roadmaps

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